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Welcome to the Contest-Office

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:trophy: Group-Information
This group is for all Contest-Lovers! It doesnt matter if you love holding contests or love entering contests! This group is for all of you!
Join this group and you'll always be updated on the latest contest-journals! :D
Also non-Members are allowed to upload Journals! The more people help, the better!

If you're bored, check out the latest uploaded contests and maybe submit them to the group :)

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Everyone is welcome! Every Joining-Request will be accepted!
But dont forget to read the rules!

:trophy: Submission-Rules
:bulletblue: Please submit only Contest-Information (Original Journal or picture)
:bulletblue: Please submit it to the right Deadline-Folder
:bulletblue: The Contest shall have at least Deadline and/or prize
:bulletblue: Artists-Journals belong to the Gallery-Folders
:bulletblue: Group-Journals belong to the Fav-Collection

:bulletred: No giveaways, raffles and kiribans - i'm sorry
:bulletred: No contests with entry fee's
:bulletred: Please don't submit Contest-Reminder-Journals, Entries, Contest-Collection, Contest-Links and everthing else, which is not the Original-Contest-Journal
:bulletred: Please don't submit contests like "You all have to draw my OC until I have enough! No prices! (beacause Im bored and dont wanna pay for a commission) "
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Gallery Folders

Unknown Deadline
Jun. 16.-30. '14 closed
Jul. 1.-15. '14 cosed
Jul. 16.-31. '14
Aug. 1.-15. '14
Aug. 16.-31. '14
Sept. 1.-15. '14
Sept. 16.-30. '14
Oct. 1.-15. '14
Oct. 16.-31. '14


Unkown Deadline
Jun. 16.-30. '14 closed
Jul. 1.-15. '14 closed
Jul. 16.-31. '14
Aug. 1.-15. '14
Aug. 15.-31. '14
Hey Founder here,

Im so sorry I was absent fo such a long time ... had so much college stuff to do.
And yes, I promised you a differnet contest - just give me a bit more time to figure out the task and rules.

Our 7th Participate-in-Contests-Contest :dance:

Ever wanted to be rewarded for participating in contests?
Now its your turn!

:trophy: What do you have to do?
This Contest is about entering as much as possible Contests :D
Create entries for them and you can also enter this contest.
The more the better! Make them happy with your work :D

We've got over 200 Contests in our Galleries - I bet there's something for you too :)
:bulletblue: Our gallery:…
:bulletblue: Other groups' contests:…
:bulletblue: And please take a look at the featured contests down below ;)

Link me to your entries in the comments :)

:trophy: Rules - read carefully
- Fav this journal :3
- Link the original Contest in your Entry (cause I have to check the contests)
- Link this Group('s Contest) in your Entry (so I know its made for this Contest too)
- The Contest-Entry has to be submitted on/after 18th July !

-The Contest you wanna participate in ...
... isnt allowed to be a Giveaway or Kiriban or similar (You have to create Art)
... has to have a deadline after 18th July
... has to be on deviantart.

:trophy: Judging
Judge is me Nahemii
I will judge how many entries you made, how many contests you participated and how much effort you put in your entries :)
If you write a journal about this Contest, it will count as one extra entry (Advertisement is always good xD)

:trophy: Deadline is  16th August 15:00 CentralEuropeanTime

:trophy: Prizes

1st place
- 300  :points: from Jessyami
- 100 :points: from Contest-Point-Pool
- 30 :points: from Nahemii
- Free Request [max 1 char. full body] by Nahemii
- Free Commission from DrawDarker
- Free request from LunarGravity
- traditionalheadshot from BeaversAteMyGrandma
- llamas from Esper-of-Tropica and jmill643 and RetSamys

2nd place
- 200  :points: from Jessyami
- 50 :points: from Contest-Point-Pool
- 30 :points: from Nahemii
- Free Request [max 1 char. waist up] by Nahemii
- traditionalheadshot from BeaversAteMyGrandma
- llamas from Esper-of-Tropica and jmill643 and RetSamys

3rd place
- 100  :points: from Jessyami
- 30 :points: from Nahemii
- 20 :points: from Contest-Point-Pool
- Free Request [max 1 char. waist up] by Nahemii
- traditionalheadshot from BeaversAteMyGrandma
- headshot sketch from Kohaya7Kae-13
- llamas from Esper-of-Tropica and jmill643 and Kohaya7Kae-13 and RetSamys

:deviation: You're very welcome if you wanna donate Art-Requests, points or llamas - of course you will get featured as donator :D

:trophy: Prize Donators <3
:iconjessyami: <3
:iconhappy-every-day: :iconkohaya7kae-13: :iconbeaversatemygrandma: :iconcontest-point-pool: :icondahub: :iconnahemii: :icondrawdarker: :iconc0mpassion: :icondedejeans: :iconesper-of-tropica::iconjmill643:

:trophy: Featured Contests (Donate prizes and get your contest featured)

CONTEST: Sky Kingdom (open until Aug 10th)Contest time!
Edit: Two weeks left to go!
Edit: Thanks to the incredibly generous support of :icontrees-with-character: (great and big group, by the way, I found quite a few high quality flying islands with trees in there), winners will also get a feature in Trees-With-character.
Flying-Islands-Here is a group that welcomes all airborne grounds, be it flying islands, moving mountains, hovering cities, floating platforms, levitating rocks, drifting gardens, structured clouds or any other kind of object seemingly or unseemingly defying gravity. Artists working with surrealism, fantasy and science fiction - and all kinds of artforms, all levels of quality - can all find their work in our galleries as long as it is relevant to the group.
Today, we challenge you to fill our contest folder with the theme Sky Kingdom. Spread the word!
<- deadline: 10. Aug.
So, i have a couple of points to spare, sooooooooo.... I have decided to make a contest! :dummy: Woop!
So, it is going to have three categories: The first two will be make a character contest for me, and the other is a bit smaller, only to create a name for an already existing OC of mine. So, why don't we get to the contest already! Tard Boogie - now a plz
:iconfeelingfreeplz: CATEGORY NUMBER ONE! :iconfeelingfreeplz:
     Here you have to create a character. This one is very open ended. I won't place too many restrictions on this either. But i just have to say a few things about the character you will make.
     Seizure Bullet Only felines, canines, griffons,a horse (NOT MLP! A HORSE!), or even a bear. Yes. I said bear. I want something unique. It can e
<- deadline: 1. Sept.
:Raishin+Akari: Contest [Win Cash, PM, etc]Detail: This is a crossover contest of Doll Weapon and Black Mansion.
:new:NEW DEADLINE!:new:
November 30th, 2014
Now there are more time, so tell your friends who might be interested! :love:
[For artwork category] Draw our OCs together + any kind of animal (I know, lame xD)
[For literature category] Write a scene where Raishin and Akari meet your OC, be imaginative! 
References with BIO:
with BIO ->
General Rules:
:bulletblue:(OPTIONAL: Please favorite/make a journal or poll about this contest. 
A 100:points: raffle will be done by the dea
<- deadline: 30. Nov.

:trophy: Participants and Contest-Entries

:iconpepper-wood: with 7 Entries + 6 Contests…………………

:iconjacoo23: with no entries yet

:iconclovis-thecutestcat: with 4 Entries + 4 Contests + Ad

:iconbluefire-phoenix:with 4 Entries +2 Contests + Ad……

:iconmoggy2007: with 3 Entries + 3 Contests………
More Journal Entries


Advertising, Gaining, Winning, Challenging!

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